From March 27.-28., 2017., at the Vocational Training Seminar

An expert associate of Electromechanical School Ratko Kovačić participated in the work-based learning toolkit in Cologne.

In an international two-day seminar organized and supported by the German Agency for EU Programs and our Mobility Agency and EU Programs, 28 participants from many countries met with the internet platform www.wbl.toolkit.eu and learned how to use this tool. With solving tasks and working in groups, participants have mastered the skills of using this tool. The platform itself is a set of useful tools that can be used to search for various completed EU vocational education projects that are related to work-based learning (professional practice). All projects refer to practical learning in realistic working conditions.

It is a great advantage and benefit for the Electromechanical School to establish new contacts and exchange experiences with the experts involved. The seminar was attended by schoolchildren who are comparable to ESA and are planning to continue their cooperation with them by exchanging students and KA2 projects (Hungary, Poland, Estonia). On the business social network a closed group of seminar participants was formed to continue the joint activities.

This platform will help to implement the current EU project in the field of vocational education - ECWORK and for the future planning of the international student practice.

Seminars of this kind make it possible to establish new contacts, acquire new knowledge and are very useful for the school.